Integrated management system

Basic Idea

 The Munekata Group (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) recognizes that the conservation of the global environment is essential to people’s healthy and cultural lives based on our company philosophy and the international idea of “sustainable development.” With this recognition, we contribute to the realization of a sustainable recycling-oriented society through all business activities and employee actions. We also work to improve product quality, reduce environmental impact, strengthen information security, and promote the continuous improvement of safety and health management in order to fulfill our social responsibility.

Basic Policy

 Under its slogan of “Plastic Science(R),” the Company aims to create a more affluent society, gaining the satisfaction and trust of our customers through our excellent technology, products, and services and giving consideration to the protection of the natural environment.
 Moreover, as a company that bears social responsibility, we consider all information obtained through our business activities as an important management asset and appropriately manage information security risk, continuing to aim for a society where sound and productive communication is secured. We also continue to engage in safety and health activities, seeking to improve the health of all employees involved in our business activities and promote the creation of a comfortable work environment.

1. Strive to prevent environmental pollution, protect biodiversity and ecosystems, and make sustainable use of limited resources through our business activities, providing environmentally friendly products and services.

2. Aim to prevent information-related accidents and achieve zero accidents by taking information security measures according to the risk level of information assets possessed by us and appropriately protecting our information assets.

3. Set objectives or goals for improvements, implement them, and analyze and evaluate their results for further improvement on a regular basis.

4. Confirm the appropriateness, validity, and effectiveness of our integrated management system, ensuring that it meets environmental and information security requirements and making continual improvements.

5. Observe applicable legal and other requirements related to our business activities, products, and services.

6. Provide all employees involved in our business activities with education and training on environmental protection, information security enhancement, and occupational safety and health.

7. To prevent environmental pollution, protect the natural environment and our information assets, and improve the safety and health standards of workplaces, promote the following:

  • 1)Compliance with laws and regulations
  • 2)Promotion of the effective use of resources and energy
  • 3)Use of environmentally friendly resources and development of new technology
  • 4)Appropriate management of business assets
  • 5)Contribution to the improvement of the global environment through collaboration
      with local communities and society
  • 6)Prevention of occupational accidents by promoting voluntary safety and health

8. This policy shall be widely known by all employees involved in our business activities and be available to the public.