Production System


The MUNEKATA Group "integrated production system" is where we take charge of every phase of your order, from design/development to assembling finished products.There are many special manufacturers of dies/moldings, but few of them have a system to completely cover the whole process.The MUNEKATA Group considers true "power for integration" as each unit relating to the process, sporting the leading technology in fields such as electronics, plastronics and mechatronics.
THE MUNEKATA GROUP'S TECHNO WORLD has cutting edge technology. From the development of electronics circuits to mass production PC boards. From the development of mechanical components to manufacturing precision molds. Mass production of plastic precision parts. Mechanism development. Program development and mass production of finished products.

This is why The MUNEKATA Group is selected by the leading manufacturers in the world as their partner.



The MUNEKATA Group is continuously pioneering novel and unique technologies.

Our prime power is our advanced technologies, and an insatiable inquiry spirit.

The Research and Development Center and Engineering Unit, which form the core of our power, pioneer front end technologies everyday and produce innumerable results.

One of them is a "3D virtualizing system".ツꀀ This system can simulate product design and die making, prototyping, etc.,

This system increases, by a quantum extent, the reliability and efficiency in designing and prototyping, as it enables viewing the die designed as a 3D model on the screen and consider the details.

This new technology brings numberless advantage; it enables rotating a mold designed as a 3D solid model on a screen and examine the details (photograph: upper), simulating resin flows and degree of deformation in a die (photograph: lower left), simulating the motion of tools when die making (photograph: lower right).


The Electronics is directly engaged in the production as a partner of major manufacturers in electronics related fields, including audio products, home electrical appliances, computer peripherals and telecommunications and broadcasting equipment. Our unified system can take charge of every phase, from assembling an electronic PC board, which is the head of the product, to the finished product. Also, by coordinating with the Engineering Unit. The Electronics has total support from design to the finished product. Our new methods and suggestions for product assemblies born from this system are proving very valuable to manufactures.


The Tool Unit designs and makes plastic precision dies mainly for computer displays, TV cabinets, OA mechanical components, etc. The front line "3D virtualizing system "supports the know-how for die making trusted by the leading manufacturers in the world.ツꀀ This system allows simulating various processes from product design to manufacturing at the pre-stage of actual production.ツꀀ The most optimum molding shape can be developed in a shorter period.

It aims "Making a die by understanding molding" and originating within our general production system, which enables unified production from planning/designing to die making to molding. The Molding Unit operates for technology, for secondary processing such as molding and surface coating of plastic products centering around home electrical appliances, OA machines and telecommunications equipment including TV cabinets, the exterior features of personal computers, copiers and printers.ツꀀ This includes final processing such as transferring and accessory assembly.

At the center of this process is the "Eco production system" which aims for optimal product manufacturing with a minimum of resources and energy.ツꀀ The "3D virtualizing system", which The MUNEKATA Group prides itself on, is active in this section.ツꀀ With this system, three dimensional structural analysis at the parts design stage can be ind into the molding process.ツꀀ Problems with strength and assembling can be solved beforehand and prevent delaying the schedule and/or losses caused by changes after manufacturing a prototype.

We can suggest cost savings in advance, such as using a resin solution rather than a more conventional metal, one which can make mass production easier and reduce weight - integrating multiple parts and selecting the best plastic materials.ツꀀ Our state of the art technologies, and sharing data from each division, can solve the challenges presented by quality, cost and speed.


The Super Precision Tool designs and makes dies for extra-precision, miniature-size, mechanical components. Mechanical components for CD/MD players, floppy discs, heads for ink jet printers, hearing aid components, endoscopes components, and sensor components in automobiles are some of examples.ツꀀ They need extremely fine precision.

Of course in this specific world, ordinary die making know-how cannot be used.ツꀀ Flexible ideas to stand common sense on its head, ツꀀ and an insatiable inquiry spirit to pursue all the possibilities are needed.


The Engineering Unit is an "electronic brain group" with four subgroups in charge of machine design, electric design, software design and product improvement.According to specifications and designs from the customer, the Engineering Unit proceeds through a unified flow from design to production. In the product design stage, using a 3D virtualizing system which The MUNEKATA Group prides itself in, the Engineering Unit have close liaisons with each division for the latest die, molding and assembly information, and flexibly supports various requests from manufacturers on schedules and technologies.

Cutting edge technologies and sensitivities come from responding to the high level needs of the leading manufacturers.ツꀀ Experts in electronics are active today in developing new methods, while they build strong partnerships with manufacturers including putting engineers on loan to projects from time to time as required.

Munekata Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.

In meeting the challenge of various demands from users, The MUNEKATA Group involves new materials and new processing methods.ツꀀ The original "know-how" which has been fostered in the pursuit of technological development in past years, is reaching commercial fruition, as our "own brand",."Impulse Welder" and "Flat Fusion System" are representative. This equipment uses MUNEKATA Group's original innovative plastic welding method to weld and connect plastic products.ツꀀ The Munekata Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. is producing and serving a number of superior technologies developed for applications in many industries. This is appropriate in a very wide spectrum of fields including electronic components, home electric appliances, automobile industries.ツꀀ It also leads to improved productivity and lowe ring costs


The Research and Development Center or "Techno World", is the brain to produce various kinds of advanced technologies; the center studies and develops technology which "changes the impossible to the possible". Researchers in the fields of CAE, materials, key components development and applications, concentrate on researching and developing unique technologies.ツꀀ Researchers in each field are energetically challenging research and development on unknown technologies which produces Something from Nothing, with the following as basic policies:ツꀀ development for environmental concerns such as saving energy, saving resources, recycling, and more original technological development.


This unit performs for maintenance and improvement of the quality, environmental management and information security of a Group (ISO/IEC 27001, ISO14001, 9001) .